Dress Forms

The easiest way to see how your dress will hang on someone is to have her try it on. It's unlikely, though, that you'll find someone willing to stand still for you while you pin different pieces of fabric together and make changes to the design. The next best thing is to use dress forms that have the same shape as women's bodies.

If you're designing blouses, forms end at the waist, as the lower torso is irrelevant in your design. To get the proper shape, though, you'll need forms that include at least the hips. At DisplayImporter.com, you'll find many dress forms--including those designed for blouses, men's shirts, men's suits, and dresses.

Bridal Dress Forms

Our professional bridal dress body form is available in two different styles. You can position the pole in the center of the form or on one of the legs, letting you work more efficiently. Our combination form is also available with sleeves on the pole, so you can place accessories on them or drape your materials while you are working.

Both of our dress forms are on casters, so you can easily move the form about your workroom or your showroom. Whether you are designing costumes for a performance or your spring collection, our dress forms will let you work more efficiently and accurately. With low overhead and a streamlined service system, we're able to offer you prices much lower than you'll find elsewhere, whether you are a professional or a fashion student.