Dress Mannequins

If you're showing off your dress collection, there are many styles of mannequins that might suit you. While you can purchase dress mannequins that are simply standing upright, you'll also find them available in many different poses. These poses can complement your fashions, creating the image that you have in mind.

Full-size dress mannequins may be posed with their arms reaching behind their backs or hanging at their sides. If your dress collection is aimed at a young and flirtatious audience, you may want to use mannequins reminiscent of runway poses, with the hip sharply pointed to one side. Other standing mannequins have flexible arms that you can place into multiple positions.

Dress Mannequins in Adult and Child Sizes

At DisplayImporter.com, we offer a full range of dress mannequins, including adults and children in different poses. Many of our mannequins are constructed from fiberglass, so they are both lightweight and durable. With attached metal bases, our dress mannequins are perfect for use at trade shows, as you can easily move them from one site to another.

With our selection of dress mannequins and wigs, you can create many different looks to cater to the audiences you'll encounter at your tradeshows. Whether you are looking for mannequin parts for point of sale displays or garment racks on which you can hang different sizes of the same dress, you'll find many options in our selection. We import all of these products directly from the manufacturers and offer them to you at lower prices than you'll find at other stores. We operate entirely online to keep costs low!