Fashion Mannequins

Throughout the years, fashion has changed significantly. If you are creating an exhibit in a museum that will feature fashions throughout the ages, you'll need to purchase mannequins to showcase apparel and accessories that were typical of different time periods.

In addition to showing how much fashion has changed over the years, you can also demonstrate how much today is influenced by the past. While sports and military uniforms have changed to some degree, many elements have been taken from traditional garb. By placing fashion mannequins with old and new uniforms side by side, you can give visitors a sense of both continuity and evolution in these different sectors.

Fashion Mannequins for Museums and Stores

We at offer a large choice of fashion mannequins, many of which are featured in prominent museum displays, as well as in stores. We carry headless mannequins, those with molded hair, and models that are compatible with wigs. In addition to mannequins of both genders and different ages, we also have mannequins that represent various ethnicities.

If you are showcasing the construction process, we also have forms in our online store. We have full body forms, head forms, and torso forms available in materials like plastic, metal, and jersey. They are perfect for displaying earlier stages of clothing construction. Like our fashion mannequins, our fashion forms are available at wholesale prices. They're also free of any handling and packing fees!