Male Mannequins

Whether you run a retail store that primarily works with men or you cater to a general audience, male mannequins can be an integral part of your floor displays. Men, who are notoriously uninspired shoppers, will often pick out entire outfits they see on mannequins because they don't trust their own tastes, and they know the display outfits work. Women, too, can be inspired to shop for the men in their lives by attractive floor displays on male mannequins.

At, we offer a range of male mannequins suitable for any store. We have both adult male mannequins and boys of various heights. We have male mannequins that suit boys' junior apparel, and mannequins that are ideal for children's clothing.

Male Mannequins in Different Poses

In addition to male mannequins in basic upright positions, we also carry mannequins in a variety of different poses. Among the adult male mannequins in our catalog are some that are seated in thoughtful positions. For those trying to create a relaxed atmosphere, we have both male and female mannequins in lounging positions. We also have mannequins in athletic stances.

We carry many male mannequins that are sculpted with muscular physiques, as well as mannequins with abstract faces. You can also purchase fixtures and other displays that you may need for your store. All of our products are available at low prices, and we welcome drop shippers to work with us for the industry's best bargains. Shop with us now to create displays that sell!