Mannequin Heads

At, we offer multiple options for you to decorate mannequin heads and give them a more realistic appearance. Whether you want to display jewelry, glasses, scarves, or electronics, you have significant choices to make that can have a noticeable impact on sales. One option available to you is to purchase mannequins that have molded hair on their heads.

We carry both male and female mannequins with molded hair. Among the female mannequins, the mannequin heads have different styles, from short blond hair to fuller brunette hair. Another option available to you, if you want as warm and lifelike an appearance as possible, is to purchase mannequins that are compatible with mannequin wigs, from long, layered hairstyles to short, spiky styles.

Demonstrate Hairstyles with Mannequin Heads

If you run a salon, you may want to make use of our mannequin heads to demonstrate to your clients how different styles look. You can also take advantage of mannequin heads to display jewelry, letting customers see how it will look on a human shape. This can be more effective than simply placing it on a display, as customers may take a greater interest in pieces that are on head or torso mannequins.

At, we offer low prices on our mannequins, displays, and wigs. There are no handling charges to pad our margins, and our customers benefit from our efficient operation and direct distribution channel. Our online catalog is updated to reflect changes in our inventory and new products that we have in stock. With us, you always have the option to look for what you need and get it immediately. Enjoy low prices and no waiting now!