Used Mannequins

Setting up your own retail store can be an exciting undertaking. Across the country, apparel boutiques are opening up that cater to niche markets. Whether you plan on selling clothing, accessories, or even portable electronics, you may intend to incorporate mannequins into your displays and store.

Many entrepreneurs don't have large budgets, so you need to look for ways to keep start-up expenses down. For example, you might purchase used fixtures or other used equipment that still looks and performs like new. While used equipment can save you some money in the short run, you will need to exercise some care to make sure that you'll get sufficient reliability and longevity from the products you buy.

New Mannequins for the Price of Used Mannequins

If you are considering purchasing used mannequins, come to first! We import our mannequins from overseas manufacturers ourselves, so we don't have the additional cost of an importer. These savings are passed on to you, enabling you to get new mannequins at prices you might expect to pay for used mannequins elsewhere.

Among the mannequins we sell are models for men and women, as well as adults and children. We also have mannequins in many different poses, so you can choose the ones that best match your products and the tone of your store. Whether you are using them to display products or solely for decoration, our wholesale mannequins can give you the look you're trying to achieve without breaking the bank.