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AF-070 Pattern Tissue Paper - Pack of 240 Sheets - DisplayImporter
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AF-070 Pattern Tissue Paper - Pack of 240 Sheets

$ 70.00

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Gift Wrap & Tissue Paper

Available OptionsUnit Price
Leopard Print $ 70.00
Zebra Print $ 70.00
Tiger Print $ 70.00
Blue Bandana $ 70.00
Red Bandana $ 70.00
Garnet Colored Medieval Themed $ 70.00
Floating Butterfly $ 70.00
Cloud $ 70.00
Red Heart $ 70.00
Camouflage $ 70.00
Alligator Print $ 70.00
Diamondback Snake Print $ 70.00
Cow Print (Discontinued) Sold Out

*Limited Availability Item*

Tissue paper sold in packs of 240 sheets and comes in a variety of pattern prints. Great for gift boxes, gift bags, product packaging, and arts and crafts.

Available patterns: Silver Star, Happy Face Print, Leopard Print, Zebra Print, Tiger Print, Blue Bandana, Red Bandana, Garnet, Colored Medieval Themed, Floating Butterfly, Cow Print, Tie Dye, Cloud, Red Heart, Camouflage, Alligator Print, Diamondback Snake Print


20" x 30"

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