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-Emmy (Mannequin, 1987 film)
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MA-008 Silver-Toned Square Metal Base for Mannequin with 0.5" D Calf & Sole Rod - DisplayImporter
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MA-008LTP #A Silver-Toned Square Metal Base for Mannequin with 0.5" D Calf & Sole Rod (LESS THAN PERFECT, FINAL SALE)

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This is a BRAND NEW base in less than perfect condition. Only have 1 pc at this price. This was a returned item. Sold discounted because there are scratches on the protective blue film, so there will probably be scratches on the surface of the base when the film is removed. Sold as-is and is final sale. See pictures for condition.

Heavy square brushed chrome metal base that is commonly used with fiberglass mannequins. It most likely will not fit plastic mannequins. This is a 2-in-1 rod. The sole rod can be used alone and goes up the bottom of the foot. The calf rod attachment inserts over the sole rod and goes into the mannequin's lower calf. Calf rod is 0.5" wide.

This is not a universal rod set and it may not fit your mannequin. The sole rod will fit a mannequin that has a 0.5" inch vertical hole on the bottom of the foot. The calf rod will fit 80-90% of mannequins manufactured overseas but is not guaranteed to fit your mannequin's calf opening or have the same angle. Please make sure your mannequin has an opening wide enough to fit the half inch rod.

If your mannequin is a brand name mannequin, they usually use their own proprietary calf rods. In that case, if your mannequin has a 0.5" vertical hole underneath the foot, then the sole rod can be used.

This rod set most likely will NOT work with plastic mannequins, which commonly uses a thinner and shorter rod. Please check out our MA-026 Rectangular Tempered Glass Base for Plastic Mannequin with 0.4" D Calf Rod instead.


13.75" x 13.75" Base, 0.5" D Rod

Including the bottom flange, overall vertical height of rod is roughly about 14" tall.

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