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MN-270 Ladies French Blouse Form (Paper Mache Core) - DisplayImporter
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MN-270 Ladies French Countertop Blouse Form

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Includes a Fairmont wood neck block and a Balatar tripod base. Adjustable height. Pole can be inserted straight in. Core is made of paper mache - environmentally friendly when compared to fiberglass or plastic. Has a padded foam pinnable surface.


33" Chest, 27" Waist, 35" Hip
15" Shoulder, 15.75" Neck
Max adjustable height 57"

Product Notes:

Dress forms are packaged 1 set per per box. This item will be shipped separately from other items.

Clothing sizes are approximate and can vary amongst the different clothing brands. Please refer to the chest/waist/hip measurements provided instead.

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