Dress Dummy

If you've taken up sewing and making clothing for yourself or your family, one of the wisest investments you can make is in a dress dummy. A dress dummy can help you make adjustments to get a perfectly customized fit. You can see how the clothing will look in three dimensions and do little bits of needlework by hand in a convenient way. This is much more effective than working with patterns alone.

You can use a dress dummy to tailor many different pieces of clothing. Unlike dummies that are designed for constructing shirts or blouses, a dress dummy includes a portion of the lower torso. You'll be able to see how blouses, skirts, and dresses will hang on a body with a dress dummy.

An Adjustable Dress Dummy Gives Added Convenience

We at DisplayImporter.com offer two different styles of dress dummies. Both are on poles that are height adjustable, so you will always be comfortable working on any part of the dress. In addition to dress dummies, we also carry dummies for blouses and male dummies for both shirts and suits. You can find the right dummy for whatever you're designing and sewing!

Our website is updated regularly to reflect what we carry and what is currently in stock, so you won't find yourself waiting weeks for something that has been on backorder. We also carry garment display racks--ideal if you've started to take orders for your designs. With our wholesale prices, it's more affordable than ever before to purchase a quality dress dummy and work like a professional. Trust us at DisplayImporter.com for quality display dummies, low prices, and hassle-free service!