Mannequin Wigs

People go to great lengths to express their individuality. From the way that they dress to the hairstyles they choose, each detail is a reflection of who they are. Their personalities will often come through when shopping for new clothing or accessories.

Using mannequins can give shape to apparel, bringing it to life much more than simply hanging it on a hanger ever could. You can go one step farther by using mannequin wigs to customize your mannequins and add more style to them. With different wigs, the appearance of a single mannequin can be altered dramatically.

Use Mannequin Wigs to Keep Up with Your Changing Inventory

If the products you sell change frequently, based on the latest fashion line or the consignment that you purchase, you can use mannequin wigs to tailor the appearance of the same basic mannequins to your new products. For example, if you want to display some vintage clothing from the late 70s, you might purchase a unisex, afro-style wig. If you're selling some modern, rock-inspired clothes the next week, you can change the wig to the Spiky Style Jonathan Wig, for example, to create an entirely new look.

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