Torso Mannequins

While a full-body mannequin lets you put together an entire outfit, you may not want to do that in every part of your store. Additionally, if you just sell accessories, you do not want to put them on a naked mannequin, and you might not have appropriate apparel to put on a full-body mannequin. With torso mannequins, you can highlight just the products you want, without leaving the rest of the mannequin bare.

At, you'll find a wide assortment of torso mannequins you can use to display your products. If you're working on a tight budget or have limited floor space, you may want to consider our economy, plastic torso mannequins. There is a swiveling metal hook built into each mannequin, so you can easily hang it on a display rack to give your customers an idea of how the clothing will appear on them.

Torso Mannequins for Tabletop Displays

Some of our upper torso mannequins can also be placed on tables. If you've stacked shirts on a display table and don't want to clutter the area with full-body mannequins, you can place these torso mannequins on the table with the shirts. Depending on the size of your table, you may have enough room to put two or three on the same table.

We also carry male and female lower torso mannequins. These may be more effective in your store, especially if you only carry pants and skirts, or have your store divided by type of apparel. Like our full body mannequins, our torso mannequins are available at low wholesale prices, letting you keep your costs low. Let us at meet your display and budget needs. Start shopping online now!