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MN-230 Plastic Bra Display Form Add-On (Notched Hanger Attachment)
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MN-230 Plastic Bra Display Form Add-On (Notched Hanger Attachment)

$ 2.65
This item has a minimum order quantity of 3 pcs. You can combine different Colors of the same item to meet the minimum quantity.

Please email us for a custom shipping quote if ordering more than 3 pcs or with other hanging forms. These forms can nest against each other where additional pieces won't increase the box size much, but our shipping calculator is unable to factor that in when it's more than 3 pcs. We'll need to custom quote you.

Plastic bra display gives you an affordable way to display undergarments, bras, and lingerie. Bra display can be used with most standard 15", 16", 17", and 19" notched hangers (top part of the display can be hooked through the notches of the hanger). It may also free stand on a counter or table top if balanced on an incline surface. (It will fall forward as it will be front heavy with the bra on, but if placed on a slanted surface, it can balance and free stand on a flat surface.)

Because there is no backside to this form, we are unable to measure the exact band size and cup size. However, it can be estimated to be about a 32C.


11.5" L x 11.5" H x 5.25" D
Approximately 32C

Product Notes:

Please email us for a custom quote if ordering more than 3 pcs of various hanging forms. Because these forms can nest against each other without increasing the box size, our shipping calculator is unable to give an accurate rate when its more than 3 pcs. We will need to custom quote for you.

Hanging form's back side showing a concaved incomplete back. This is a injection mold vacuum form.

This is an injection mold hanging form with a hollow back. It is a space saver when storing or transporting the forms as it can be stacked one on top of another (like a cake mold). It is an ideal display when space is limited, like for tradeshows, a small retail display area, or a pop up booth. They can be used hanging on the wall or hanging on a countertop hook display (sold separately). It is also a great economical form for the budget conscious.

Because this is not a round body form and there is no back side to this form, the chest, waist, hip and clothing sizes provided are approximate measurements only.

Please note that even though this is a lightweight item, it is still an over-sized item and will be charged by its dimensional weight by the shipping carrier. Therefore, shipping 1-3 pieces may have a shipping rate that is more than the item itself depending on the ship to location. It is more economical to order multiple quantities of this form for a cost effective shipping rate.

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