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Tonight we're gonna do something different, something special, something this store has never seen before!
-Emmy (Mannequin, 1987 film)
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Display Mannequins

If your store sells fashion, you are probably well aware how sales of certain items of apparel are boosted when you put them on display mannequins. Perhaps you have a dress that doesn't look like much on the hangar, but looks amazing on a woman. Maybe you're trying to boost sales of accessories by showing them in striking combinations with complete outfits.


Flexibility is also important when you are choosing display mannequins. Many of our display mannequins have either posable or removable arms, so you can create the look you have in mind and easily dress the mannequins. We also have mannequins in different stances, including sitting down, running, and dancing, so you'll be able to find one that is perfect for the kind of fashions you carry. 

If you'd like to customize your mannequins even more, we have display mannequins that are compatible with wigs, as well as a large selection of wig choices. You can also create edgy displays with our headless mannequins, which you can give outrageous heads or use to display Halloween costumes. All of our mannequins are available at low wholesale prices, with greater discounts available on large orders. Shop with us at for mannequins that showcase your fashions perfectly!

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