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Tonight we're gonna do something different, something special, something this store has never seen before!
-Emmy (Mannequin, 1987 film)
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AF-197 Glossy/Matte Female Headless Mannequin - DisplayImporter
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AF-197 Glossy/Matte Female Headless Mannequin

$ 187.99
Available ColorsUnit Price
Glossy Silver $ 194.99
Glossy White (BACKORDER ETA LATE NOV) Sold Out
Matte White $ 187.99
Glossy Black (Discontinued) Sold Out

Categories: Female Mannequins

Eye-catching mannequin comes in various colors with a high gloss finish (except for matte white). Includes a shiny metal base with calf and sole rod. Detachable arms, hands and upper body. It is easy to set up and dress. Made of fiberglass.


65" Height to Neck
33.5" Chest, 24.25" Waist, 34.25" Hip
15.75" Shoulder

Product Notes:

Mannequins, dress forms, and torso forms are packaged 1 set per box. This item will be shipped separately from other items.

Clothing sizes are approximate and can vary amongst the different clothing brands. Please refer to the chest/waist/hip measurements provided.

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