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DS-HandsM Male Mannequin Display Hands for Jewelry, Gloves - DisplayImporter
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DS-HandsM Male Mannequin Display Hands for Jewelry, Gloves

$ 13.75

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Hands & Arms Form Mannequins
Hands & Rings Jewelry Displays

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These hands can be used standing upright or laid down. Can be used to display rings, bracelets, and watches. Fingers are separate. Optional display block can be used to elevate the wrist. Display block sold separately. Poses may vary slightly for different colors.


These hands come from several different molds so there are slight variances among them. They are all open palm hands with fingers slightly curled forward (a relaxed/resting pose). The average measurements are listed below with a deviation of +/- 0.25".

Overall display, excluding connector tab 8" H x 4"

Hand is slightly curled so below measurements are along the hand's curve and not on a straight plane.
Tip of middle finger to wrist, front of hand 6.5" H 
Width of palm, below fingers 3"
Height of palm, from below fingers to wrist 3.75"
Wrist 6.75" around
Base circumference 7.25" around
Base cross section 2.5" L x 2" W

Product Notes:

Hand sizes can be subjective to each person. e.g.: Some people have small hands and will deem these display hands the right size while some people have large hands and will deem the display hand small relative to their own hand. Display hand is 8" to 9" L (Measured from the back of hand, along the curve from fingertip to end of the wrist). The item itself not accounting for the curve is approximately 7.5-8.5" L.

Since these hands run on the smaller side, they are great options to display tight fitting gloves such as baseball batting gloves and golf gloves.

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