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MA-031 Articulate Posable Plastic Pair of Mannequin/Dress Form Arms and Hands - DisplayImporter
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MA-031 Articulate Posable Plastic Pair of Mannequin/Dress Form Arms and Hands

$ 53.99

This item is found in these categories:
Dress Form Accessories
Hands & Arms Form Mannequins
Hands & Rings Jewelry Displays
Mannequin Accessories

Articulate arms where shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers are adjustable in a full range of motion, same as a human range. Arms are made of plastic with a wood grain printed surface. Includes accompanying shoulder joint sockets. Sold in a pair - 1 left arm and 1 right arm. Dress form is not included.


27" Overall Length
10.25" Shoulder to Elbow, 9.75" Elbow to Wrist, 7" Wrist to Finger Tip
3" Width of Palm

Product Notes:

Arms can be disassembled in 2 spots. The hands can be unscrewed at the upper wrist and the elbows can be pulled apart at the joint. The torque of the shoulder and elbow joint can be adjusted by tightening the nut inside.

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