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MA-042 (USED) Mannequin 0.5" Sole Rod, Styles Vary (Base Not Included)
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MA-042 (USED) Mannequin 0.5" Sole Rod, Styles Vary (Base Not Included)

$ 7.99

Various styles USED replacement sole rod for mannequin bases. Metal is scuffed and tarnished, all cosmetic issues, and does not affect the integrity of the metal rods. Sole rod inserts up the bottom of the mannequin's foot. Style will vary on the rods. 

This is not a universal rod and may not fit your mannequin. The sole rod will fit any mannequin that has a hole on the bottom of the foot with an opening that is wider than the rod (0.5" diameter). Please make sure your mannequin has a opening wide enough to fit the rod.


Sole rod diameter is 0.5" across. All styles have the same diameter.

Including the bottom flange/disc, they range from 6"-7" tall between the different styles.

Bottom screw is about 1cm at the stem/threads and 1.7cm wide at the top. Make sure your base has an opening that will fit the screw.

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