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SH-005 Adjustable Rack Mount Plastic Sign Holder Clip with Optional 3.5" Stem Attachment  -
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SH-005 Adjustable Rack Mount Plastic POP Sign Holder Clip with Detachable 3.5'' Stem Attachment

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Rack Mounts & Accessories

Simple sign display is perfect as table tents, menu holders, and photo and retail displays. These sign holders are the perfect addition to homes, businesses, shops, markets, restaurants, museums, hotels and just about anywhere. Placing promotional graphics, ads or a logo on a sign holder instantly gives it importance and places it in the direct view of your customers.

The 3.5" stem with a ball and socket joint can be removed to shorten the sign holder to 4.5" or added to extend the sign holder to 8" for more visibility. Clamp fits tubing up to 1" in diameter.


4.5" H to 8" H, Clip 3.1" W

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