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Tonight we're gonna do something different, something special, something this store has never seen before!
-Emmy (Mannequin, 1987 film)
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Baby Mannequins

While new parents tend to be bargain shoppers, friends and family often give adorable, coordinating outfits at baby showers. For example, they might want to buy a new sailor outfit or a uniform from their favorite sports team. When prices are affordable, you can purchase as many baby mannequins as you need to display all your top-selling items.

At, you'll find baby mannequins in different poses, so you can create unique scenes in your store. We have mannequins that feature babies sitting, crawling, and standing. With arms that rotate at the shoulder, you can quickly dress these baby mannequins and change them whenever you like.


If you carry maternity and infant clothing, you can set the scene with our adult mannequins. We have three different pregnant mannequin models to showcase the latest trends in maternity wear. If you want to create a family scene with your baby mannequin, we also have a large selection of male and female mannequins, some of which feature eyelashes and permanent makeup. 

All of our mannequins are constructed from fiberglass, so you will be able to move them around your store easily, and they will last for years. We update our online catalog frequently, so you know exactly what we have in stock at any given time. With no handling, importing, or packaging fees, the price that you see is exactly what you'll end up paying for your mannequins. Save on baby mannequins with us at!

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