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Tonight we're gonna do something different, something special, something this store has never seen before!
-Emmy (Mannequin, 1987 film)
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Fashion Forms

You can display your latest designs in your studio or store with fashion mannequins or fashion dress forms. If you have limited floor space for storage, you may want to consider using dress forms. While mannequins are primarily used for displaying finished products or creating displays, dress forms allow you to work on pieces conveniently.

At, we have a large selection of dress forms for designers and students. Many of our pinable dress forms are made from foam rubber, so you can tack pieces of fabric into place while working on other parts of the garment. Pinable forms are available, in full body or torso versions, for both male and female figures, as well as in plus sizes.


If you're planning to use your dress forms to display finished garments, you may want to look at our metal dress forms. We have both antique-gold metal lady forms and raw steel, hanging metal forms that can add a unique touch to your store. With casters, it's easy to move these dress forms from the back room into the spotlight.

If you have a large store and floor space is not a concern, we have many styles of fashion mannequins from which you can choose. From headless, full-body mannequins to mannequin parts, you'll find the right pieces in our online catalog. Many of our pieces include removable or flexible limbs, making it easier to dress them in your latest styles and change them as often as you like.

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