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Vintage Dress Form

When browsing online listings and estate sales, you may come across a vintage dress form occasionally. For decades, vintage dress forms have been used by tailors to construct clothing for their clients. While they are just as useful today as they were in the past, there's no need to pay more for a vintage dress form when you can purchase new dress forms, at wholesale prices, from us at


If you purchase a typical vintage dress form, there's no guarantee that it will be the right size for any of your clients. Our natural body, professional dress form, however, is available in all sizes between four and 10. With the right size, you can more accurately tailor garments to your customers' needs. 

We're able to offer our customers low prices because we directly import all of our products from the manufacturers. Since we pass these savings on to you, you'll be able to afford whichever dress forms you need, in the numbers appropriate for the scope of your business. Once you're finished constructing your apparel, we have a large line of mannequins you can use to display it!

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